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Letter from Chair Zan Prince
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Thank you for the service of our very own County Court at Law Judge Ben Akers!  In honor of his commitment to our county, we will fill the vacancy in his office based on the very characteristics that made him a great judge:  temperament, education, experience, community involvement, and political involvement.  No person can take his place, but the County Executive Committee will accept applications from prospects that exhibit the required criteria to fill the vacancy.  A complete application and judicial questionnaire (we are borrowing the Governor's apps to make sure that we have all information needed to make the best decision) should be submitted to County Chair Zan Prince at zan@zanprince.com by July 28th  for review by the Nominations Committee prior to consideration by the CEC on Tuesday, August 12th.    A copy of the application and questionnaire should also be submitted to the Parker County Commissioner’s Court at ccl2resumes@gmail.com.  Please give County Chair Zan Prince a call at 817-594-5029 if you have any questions and to confirm receipt of your application. 

As you watch this powerful testimony please consider conversations with your friends and family concerning the truth about the Republican Party.  Americans of all ethnicity, gender, and faiths need to embrace the Party of personal accountability and freedoms that lead all people to a new birth of American exceptionalism with unlimited opportunities.